Mooji – Getting Distracted by Thoughts (highly recommended for those who have a restless attention)

In this clip, Mooji combines humour with potent wisdom. Mooji reminds us how a restless attention is observable and that we should not believe that the mind has to be quiet in order for our meditation to be successful. If your attention grapples/hooks onto thoughts, then this video is especially for you. “The trouble is you think that the world you perceive through your ego mind is a factual world, but it’s a world shaped by feelings and thought and culture. There is one Earth, but there are billions of worlds. In each body, a unique view of a world is created, and lived and experienced..”

~ Mooji Excerpt from Lisbon Intensive June 2019 Satsang recorded on Friday 14th June 2019 | Morning Satsang:… News and Schedule:

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