‘The I Removes the I Yet Remains the I’ – The Essence of Life in a Nutshell

The Spirit Team: What and where is The Home? You can find It in The Supreme Peace and Tranquility. The Truth is in The Supreme Peace and Tranquility. The Answers are in The Silence and Peace.

“When consciousness awakens from the dream of personhood and realizes that it is the pure Self, that is called liberation, that is called awakening, that is called God-realization. Is this what you are here for? Now is my time to ask you, ‘How have you understood my teachings?’ I have put a divine sword in your hand—a great power in you I have pointed to. So now I want you to tell me what it is and how you can use it.”

21 September 2019 Monte Sahaja, Portugal ~ This video is the ‘Satsang of the Week’ for 29 September 2019.

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