MUST WATCH AND LISTEN! Everything’s A Scam You Live Inside A Lie Made Of Fluff

The Spirit Team: “They” or the puppets of the System want us use as energy terminals, as batteries to build up structure, empire or whatever s*it they do for increasing their own power over us. And all those govs are just puppets of certain forces from higher realms keeping us in delusional state, in a state of fear, “enter tainment” i.e to manipulate us, to keep us in their lies, in a sleeping state. They have been lowering our vibration and frequencies (using tech, poisoned food, emotional stress, anxiety, programming us by “media”, “educational system” etc) of our life force for cutting off us from our True Source that we wouldn’t be able to return to The Home or to there we have been came from. That will change. Soon.

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