Mind Attacks — Don’t Give Up!

The Spirit Team: Just fighting against your mind, does not help. The most of the times It makes you still believe, what It want you to be believed. For example instilling in you beliefs which are completely false. Giving a change to It, your mind will do all for Its own sake, not yours. It does all to control YOU as AWARENESS, not in contrary. But you can try this simple technique here below to dissolve your old mental pictures, mind files* about yourself: those mental pictures/mind files which don’t support your progress, your goals, purposes, needs.

Your mind is like a tool or dog. You must learn to use it or train him. If you don’t do it, you will suffer. Not instantly, but in longer perspective, certainly. It’s guaranteed! Your mind doesn’t care when you suffer. It only needs excitement, thrill, entertainment. To control your mind, you must be AWARE, you must be in a state of AWARENESS (who you essentially are). And every moment, you loose alertness, your awareness, your mind will start to act for itself as It likes. To be aware, you need to stay deattached, just observe without any reactions, any emotions and thoughts. Just like observing a flowing river in a state of trance, but being aware of your state as awareness. But, when you need to get something from the river, from the Picture around you, you will take your “tool” to use It for your own purposes, or “dog”, giving him command for accomplishing certain task.

* (mental energy field consists of mind files and mind files consists of mental quantas. Mental quantas contain the thoughts and emotions of their originator).

This technique is from a book “Unbounded!: Exploring Spirituality Through Mindwalking Volume 2”: Just say loudly or in your mind with full confidence “I’m sending this thought/emotion (like a feel of fear or some thought which activates anxiety, stress etc about something in you) back there where that thought was initiated and originates from. So it is.”

Walk with Mooji Baba.

During a morning walk, Mooji Baba stops for a while to speak about a worry which many beings encounter while following his guidance, a worry about apparent mind attacks. The Master shows how this phenomenon is nothing to worry about and offers powerful words of encouragement. “In fact it is a sign that you are making progress and that you are sinking more deeply. It might feel like a bumpy ride for a while but it is totally worth it.

“For a while you might feel unsure about things but there is an underlying trust that something is guiding your way and holding your hand. Don’t be disheartened, don’t be discouraged. Everything positive is on your side. “A higher power is with you. Just keep saying, ‘Yes, yes, I am here for the Truth.'”

Music: “There Is No Life Apart From You” by Ananda and Igor, recorded during Sahaja Silent Retreat 2017 Monte Sahaja, Portugal.

This and many other videos can be viewed on Mooji.TV: http://bit.ly/moojitv and http://bit.ly/sahaja-express

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