VERY WILD STUFF: Paper Leaked, Quantum Computer Supremacy, They’re not building computers, they’re building gods!

The Spirit Team: “They” don’t need to microchip us. They will and use us as life energy terminals’. Since we are connected to The Source, they can have access to the Source and everything that comes from the Source through us. They don’t need wires or physically attach something to us. Since we have and ARE vibrations and around our “phsyical” body is energetic, mental field, they just need to have to access to our mental fields where all information about everything, locates. And through our energetic and mental fields they can direct or push/manipulate us to the direction they want.

#syntheticartificialintelligence #quantumcomputing #quantumsupremacy #completemindcontrol #demigods #satanicforce #creatingvirtualreality #humansassoulterminals #humansaslifeenergyterminals

Synthetic Environment for Analysis & Simulation…

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