REMOTE VIEWING: HAARP facility in Alaska: January 2019 Time Cross – Farsight

The Spirit Team: I do quote from a book “Unbounded!: Exploring Spirituality Through Mindwalking Volume 2” :

“Our high-tech world with its video games and Star Wars films can no longer be put away with an indulgent smile as “just as science fiction”. For, with the 1991 Gulf War, a precedence was established for long distance, remotely controlled, computer-directed war. Not to mention electromagnetic and microwave installations that not only cause effects on Earth, but also reach off our planet extending out into space. Think for instance of the anti-ballistic missile shield SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative) which stands on the wish-list of presidents since Ronald Reagan, or think of the already existing HAARP antennae.

The HAARP antennae is an ion heater of enormous power. On a twenty hectare site, in the U.S. state of Alaska, there is a forest of 360 masts 24 meters high. By unofficial estimates, when fully developed, it will be able to shoot up to 20 billion watts into the ionosphere. That is the energy of one Hiroshima bomb per hour of operation. HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Apparently the operators intend the manipulation, control, artificial generation and the use of the energy processes that occur during the appearance of the polar lights (aurora polaris). What good is that supposed to do? What the operators really intend to use this power for can only be guessed at and feared. It stands to reason that interfering with the ionosphere in this magnitude bears with it the danger of damaging the ozone layer around the Earth.

Science fiction or real life? The borderline between the two is fading.

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