How Neck Posture Affects Your Brain & Concussion Recovery

Posture is very important. It’s something we hear about everyday, with endless guides telling us how we should either correct our nerd necks or military necks. But has anyone mentioned Cervical Lordosis; the gentle curvature of the neck and spine, and how it impacts blood flow to the brain? The myriad of psychiatric impacts which occur from a loss of lordosis?

Whether you’re in boxing, mma, jiu jitsu, wrestling, muay thai… Martial Artists alongside anyone who physically trains themselves will encounter injury one time or another. Neck and spinal injuries are not very uncommon. With that said, in this segment, we’ll be taking a glance at how our posture affects our brain, and how we can take steps to correct our posture. Thank you for joining me on this breakdown as we take a closer glance.

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