Learning to remember

I’m sharing a subchapter “Learning to Remember” from P. M. H. Atwater’s fascinating book “Future Memory”. I’m highly recommending to read her book. You will find answers to a lot of your questions about reality(ies) and Existence itself. The end of the chapter you will find a link to “Future Memory” technique which practicing will significantly enhance your psychic abilities, including remote viewing one.

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” – Henry Miller

“More fairy tale than conventional reality, the story I have just shared with you was as much unnerving for me as it was incredible. Yet there is no denying truth, however eccentric or exotic, and true it was. Evidence stands. No one’s belief or disbelief, including my own, changes anything.

The whole phenomenon of future memory seemed like a miracle to me the first time it happened. It felt as if I were caught up in some kind of supernatural flow, perhaps a cosmic breath, whisking me along pathways as magical as they were mysterious. The romance of it all far exceeded any fantasy. After the second one occurred, however, and especially after Terry said that the spot I had pointed to on the map was where he would live, not where he was that spring, well, my senses went on full alert.

Yes, ever since my near-depth experiences, things stranger than I was used to had been happening to me, and with increasing frequency. Yet, this ability to prelive the future seemed of utmost importance, as if it were a signal of some kind. When I began to investigate the phenomenon in earnest, I kept pondering why so many different people could remember the future as well as the past. And, I asked myself, what for?`

Then I met James Van Avery.

A senior electronics design specialist for an aerospace company in Seattle, Washington, Van Avery came to my attention in June of 1989, when I presented a paper covering my research on the aftereffects of the near-depth experience at the International Conference on Paranormal Research, held in Fort Collins, Colorado. He also presented; his paper was entitled “Remote Viewing Using Future Memory Technique.” I hurried to his room, arriving as he boldly exclaimed: “We can live the future in advance by deciding to, then practice and practice, hone the skill, until it becomes natural to us.” I couldn’t believe my ears. Naturally, we had dinner together after his talk.

As we visited, James Van Avery reminisced of a time when, at the age of ten, he had chanced upon roulette concession at his father’s company picnic. Instantly, he had known exactly what number to bet and saw himself winning. Later he placed that bet and won as he knew he would. ‘Ever since then I have been trying to duplicate that event,” he explained. “Not just the winning, but the knowing in advance.”

After a decade of experimentation, he finally developed a method of how to remember the future, and in doing so, he fulfilled his goal. Even though the reality of future memory violates present understandings of time and space, he was enthusiastic in his conviction that anyone could learn the technique and develop the ability to perceive the future, as well as select objects or event in advance of manifestation (thus manipulating the future). His list of successes was pages long. “Practice makes perfect,” he asserted. “You can remember more when you keep remembering more. Persistence is the secret. Make a game of it, like “What’s in the box? What will be in my hand? Then imagine what it is like to open the box, lift the object, and put it in your hand. You can perceive not only what’s going to be in your hand before anything is there, but also what the object  was before it ever got in the box or even before it was ever purchased or made. You can see what happens before it happens. Practice. Write everything down. Although sporadic at first, accuracy percentages will increase in ratio to how often you practice.”

As we parted company. Van Avery noted: “The only completely convincing paranormal event is a personal experience. No amount of documented reading material or controlled demonstrations will change a personal belief system. My technique is designed to allow you to find awareness the only possible way – on your own!”

He’s right. Thus, with his permission, and in recognition of the many people who have been able to replicate his claim using the method he developed, I offer the following: Future Memory technique.

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