Episode #415 Bitcoin & The Hidden Meanings In Pop Music

This is fairly long video, with a lot of interesting information, illustrated by some clips of computer technology and pop music from the 1980’s. What does pop music have to do with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

The Spirit Team: A couple of weeks ago I told to my friend that when I’m looking at the sky I’m getting impression/sensation that The Sky is watching/observing/monitoring me… I was contemplating by myself, do “they” really have reached so far with their tech – the blue beam project, smart grid, 5G and another s*it that now the sky is like a huge screen, monitor, camera, monitoring every move we make and every thought we take. And I answered to myself: “yeah, they have, because it everything has been used on other planets where the Machine is invaded in”. Also, my answer is based on information what I have read from a book “Unbounded! vol 2”.

Categories: Conspiracy, Health & Protection, Remote Influencing

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