Who Controls All of Our Money?

“Those who think that cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin is not controlled by anyone, are naive ones. Even the Bitcoin is created and controlled by some entity. We only can speculate by whom.”

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  1. This is really unsettling regarding the people who are looked to now as “truther believers” who also expound on getting into Bitcoin. That entity is the beast. Nixon took us (sorry, I’m USA-born this -last – soul incarnation) off the gold standard after he was blackmailed to keep hidden the presence of the fallen angels, AKA, UFOs/Roswell/etc to make available all the gold to the Annunaki. Watergate was Wag The Dog.
    Transhumanism really is them turning to humans as their energy source now. We’re their gold in their last-ditch effort as our liberation is coming with the clouds!


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