“Dr. David Morehouse has had an extremely diverse life, which in the words of his superiors, essentially began with a notable military career. He held a regular Army commission in the United States Infantry and is a Distinguished Military Graduate, and a Dr. Ralph D. Mershon Award winner, designating him as the top cadet commissioned into the Regular Army in 1979, amongst 2,800 other potential candidates.

During his tours of duty, Major Morehouse served in many staff and command positions ranging from Airborne rifle Company Commander to Commander of an elite Airborne Ranger Company—he commanded for over four years while the majority of his peers commanded only eighteen months. He was Aide de Camp to two army generals, the Battalion Executive Officer (second in command) of the 680 men of the 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, as well as being the Chief of Training for the 13,500 men and women of the 82nd Airborne Division.

From 1987 to 1991, David Morehouse was assigned to several #highlyclassified#specialaccessprograms in the US Army’s Intelligence Security Command and the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Science and Technology as a top secret #PsychicSpy, a #RemoteViewer. An Army Ranger, Master Parachutist, Pathfinder, Scuba Diver and Special Operations Soldier, his distinctive military skills place him in a select group of army officers. He holds a Master of Military Art and Science Degree, a Masters degree in Administration, and a Doctorate in Education. The recipient of numerous military awards and decorations, his last assignment was to have been with the Chief of Staff of the Army’s elite “Study Group” as the non-lethal weapons expert.Despite being designated by his superiors as “Destined to wear stars,” he resigned his commission in 1995 after his decision to write Psychic Warrior resulted in unfounded charges being filed against him—his resignation ended eighteen years of exemplary and honorable military service. David Morehouse later challenged the allegations made against him in 1993, and was successful in having his discharge upgraded to fully honorable, after proving to the Army discharge review board, a panel of five Colonels, that the allegations against him were baseless, without merit, and devoid of credible evidence.

In the years since he resigned, David Morehouse has written four books: Psychic Warrior: Inside the CIA’s STARGATE Program, Nonlethal Weapons: War Without Death, Remote Viewing: The Complete Handbook for Coordinate Remote Viewing, and The Deceivers, his first work of fiction. The latter—The Deceivers—was recently purchased by Paramount Pictures as a feature film with Mace Neufeld producing and Simon West directing. Psychic Warrior is an international bestseller published in 14 languages. Universal Pictures is presently developing a feature film based on David’s life story, as recounted in Psychic Warrior, to be titled Comes the Watcher. Nonlethal Weapon: War Without Death, is considered an academic work and has met with much critical acclaim in the world of strategic planners. Remote Viewing: The Complete Handbook for Coordinate Remote Viewing is the most comprehensive how to book available on remote viewing.

In 1999, a committee of scientists and educators from the United States and Europe nominated him for the Nobel Prize in the category of “Alternative Sciences.” More recently he has been a guest lecturer at Stanford University’s MBA Creativity in Business course, and at Deepak Chopra’s Alliance for a New Humanity in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Morehouse formed Remote Viewing Technologies in 1997, a company initially designed to train police officers in the art and science of Remote Viewing. In early 1998, Dr. Morehouse began training civilians in the exact military protocols and standards to which he was trained in the Remote Viewing unit, circa 1987 to 1990. To date, well over 15,000 students have been trained in the United States, Europe and other far-reaching parts of the globe.

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