THOTH’s PROPHECY read from the Hermetic Texts by Graham Hancock

There isn’t a single flood myth, there isn’t a single story of the destruction of past civilizations, that doesn’t implicate humanity in the fundamental causes of the cataclysm. We should keep this in mind when we contemplate the state of our own civilization today.

Our own behaviour, what we DO, is what we are bringing down on the world right now.

What we are manifesting in the world — that is what is coming towards us.

We are the authors of this thing and we can change the story if we want to change it.

In this spirit I offer to you the Hermetic text known as The Lament. While referring to ancient Egypt it appears almost as a prophecy of the state of 21st century “civilization”. In this short video, beautifully illustrated on the After Skool channel, I give some commentary and a reading.

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