Experiments Proving Astral Projection is Real

Astral projection is a conscious out-of-body experience that assumes the existence of consciousness or soul called astral body, which can travel outside the physical body throughout the universe.

By leaving the physical body, the astral body can float and traverse across the world or observe the environment. Individuals who practice astral projection are aware of what’s happening around them.

The believe of astral projection as a real phenomenon, and not a fabrication of the mind can even be supported by quantum physics, since as quantum physics suggests: everything is energy and we are all connected, hence separating your consciousness, from your physical body to explore the other realm, or with other words: the 4th astral dimension, would not be something so unexplained and impossible.

Astral projection gives you incredible free. During an astral projection, you can do absolutely everything you desire: flying over the world, visiting friends and observing them, going back in time, communicating with higher frequency beings, and even having astral sex. The possibilities in the astral realm are limitless.

Many people believe astral projection as the ultimate evidence of life after death, and a solid proof for the hypothesis that other higher dimensions exist and the fact that our consciousness is separate from our physical bodies and our life here on Earth is simply a small journey from an endless existence.

Although many people struggle to achieve a successful astral projection, rest assured that absolutely everyone has this ability in them, and everyone can successfully achieve an astral projection, it’s a matter of techniques and repetitions.

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  1. astral project is in fact real one and now in western world many people are practicing it. Hindu Yogis in the earlier days used to do this thru their advancement in higher spirituality and yoga. the astral body goes out our physical and a silver cord from the third eye to navel of astral body will be attached and under no circumstances this silver cord should not be cut and hence it must be practiced by strictly locking the door and no one should be allowed inside the room while practicing the same. this much i know about astral travel but not tried to do it, since am not practicing yoga.


  2. Thank you for your comment. Actually there is no need to practice yoga for preparing astral projection. But, yes, professional instructions are must. At the same time a person should learn to practice of relaxation and state of letting go of everything. It’s important to reach into a state where person looses his perception of his physicality that only knowingness that he only exist as awareness stays. I personally know it of practicing Gerald O’Donnell’s course “The Portal” which you can find from this site under section of “Online Courses”.


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