My first conversation with The Voice

At one night 4 years ago, on March of 1st, 2015, when I was coming from a bank’s branch taking some money to my bank account, I decided to return my home in different route as I usually do after visiting bank’s ATM.

In a weird manner I started to receive mental pictures and sensations like I was an alien on this planet, like the Earth and all this environment was an unfamiliar place for me. Like I wouldn’t originate from that planet… I clearly sensed that my physical body is just for that realm here and it’s for temporal use. And my soul and life energy is originating from somewhere else. Also, I somehow got in this realm here accompanied with the physical body which is determined for existence on the Earth as long I live here.

I stopped in a grocery store for making some purchases and then I continued my journey to my home. In the store I forgot what was happened during a walk, but after leaving the store all started again.

Now some voice started to talk to me in my “head”, in my mind. The Voice was so clear that I couldn’t confuse this voice to my own random thoughts. Herewith accompanied a feeling that I was walking on the foreign planet, like on the Moon.

There was a dark and silent outside. My clock showed me 09.45 pm. And again I started to get feelings like I’m an alien on unfamiliar planet. I could barely recognize my so well-known environment. I saw it like the first time in my life. Only question emerged in my mind: “Where am I?” Then arose a slight panic inside of me: “What da heck is going on? Am I loosing my mind after my hard experiences for last 6-7 years?”

I continued to walk and decided to play with The Voice. I was thinking to myself, what do I have to loose… Let’s see what’s gonna happen. At first it felt a bit shocking, but I decided to play along. I was thinking by myself, why do I feel that way and what’s going on.

The Voice explained me, how I got here, to the Earth (I saw myself as a light-ball or comet and entered in some tunnel above the Earth and I got accidentally trapped in some web, like a spider web when I was passing the Earth. Some of you probably know that the Earth is bordered by some grid which prevents soul particles to leave after their “death”).

The Voice also told me who is my family here and why children stay in their mothers wombs about 9 months. The period is for a soul particle/a light ball to acclimatise with characteristics of Earth’s realm. The Voice showed me mental pictures in my mind how I arrived here, on Earth. I was sucked in a green tunnel as a light ball – that way I entered to the Earth’s realm. Every planet has its own portals.

Then The Voice explained that my family here is only my earth’s family. My own, right family is determined by a frequency of my life energy, in other words my family has the same frequency level similar to my own when I’m in energetical, astral form.

I also asked from The Voice, is the humankind some prisoned supreme race? The Voice explained me that here are different souls and soul groups from different planets. And here are souls with different intelligence levels. And time to time run into this realm some “enlighteners” who try to expose the real essence of that planet. Now is the similar period when the humankind is awakening.

In following received information I’m not so sure anymore, because perhaps my conscious mind started to emerge and a signal with The Voice was weakening. But anyway I’m adding the information I might receive:

“Here on the Earth have earlier been some individuals like Nikola Tesla to expose the real essence of this realm. Those people come here to show and to awaken the humankind and tell that everything you have been told is not so at all. You have been fooled, used and abused. You work for some System, generating some resource spending your own life energy for that. After you die you’ll get out this Circle, but not the Trap itself. You will be return, reincarnate to the Earth as long as you haven’t realized that you actually don’t originate from the Earth.

This “conversation” wasn’t the last one. Among other things in other night when I was walking home, The started to tell me, that Everything is Thought and again showed me mental pictures of a structure of the “universe” or consciousness. But I’ll write about in a separate post.

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