How I almost lost myself

I’m sharing with You my strange experiences with OM-meditation.
I had yesterday (on April of 26th, 2018) and today (on April of 27th, 2018) a really weird experience.

A bit a backround. I do almost every day five times a week different mental and physical exercises for improving my remote viewing skills and abilities.

I use LAM-mantra meditation for a root chakra,

and OM-mantra meditation for a third eye chakra,

I do qigong, physical and bending exercises, guided meditation (from The Portal course) for reaching to the state of Theta and finally training remote viewing session. 

During the Theta session (part of The Portal course) created and guided by Gerald O’Donnell, I greet the Universal Mind, impart my wishes to Him/Her and send Love to Him/Her.

Yesterday and today I followed my usual routine, starting with LAM-meditation. After that I did really intensive OM-meditation. From half of the session my body started to tingling. It’s an usual sensation. During the session I repeated myself “I’m shining and glowing the Light and Love. Glowing is my natural state. I’m Light Being.” After the end of meditation (the second time my body and awareness started to dissolve already after about 5-10 minutes of beginning of the meditation), I stayed my bed, lying on my back with closed eyes. I was really relaxed and calm. I felt myself really relaxed and well.

Then I started to relax even more and to sinking into the dark nothingness, into the Void. I think it was the Void. I’m not sure. I stayed aware about the state, but still I let myself to sink deeper and deeper. It felt so good and I wanted to know, what will happen next. Will I see something or feel something else? I felt how my body faded away. Then I felt the familiar sensation being in the Void or in the state of Delta. I didn’t feel my body anymore, but I was aware of my beingness. I continued to sinking. Then I noticed how I’m getting loose my awareness of myself. I felt even how I was starting loose my awareness of my thinking process, of all my Self, Existence. I “saw” how this darkness was transmuting all of my Self, taking over every part of me. It was transmuting process. It was like engulfing me. I was transmuting to nothingness.

At the last moment I realized that if I’d let myself sink even further, deeper, I can loose my awareness, will and control to return back to conscious state. I realized, if I’d sink deeper, it will be an one-way ticket and I won’t able to return to this reality here anymore.

Fortunately I kept control over this process and returned and was waking up. I opened my eyes and I was shocked what was just happened. I haven’t experienced something never before, although I have been out of my body and in state of Theta and Delta and in the Void (using training modules from The Portal course).

After that meditation I followed my routine, continuing with qigong, physical exercises and doing session into the Theta (for cooling down for my training remote viewing session) and finishing my routines with last one. And it was really succesful.

I wrote about this experience to a couple of people. One of them, S, with over 20 years experiences in remote viewing, responded this way:

It sounds like you came close to losing your physical body.  The body is a vehicle for physical experience and it is valuable.  To run it you must have self awareness.  

Some choose to keep the body and try to help humanity overcome its errors.  If every enlightened spirit just left, imagine the result.  Let’s not let it happen.  You have purpose and while in a body you have influence.

At least now I know how to leave my body for good when I need it…

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