Remote Viewing the Moon

This week Courtney Brown of The Farsight Institute released a video remote viewing project on what can only be described as a ‘possible’ anomaly on the surface of the moon in a photograph. This project uses several remote viewers (including myself) working blindly to try to describe the blind target.

This project lasted for quite some months and was the longest project I had worked with Courtney with several months between my last paper based RV session and my needing to go back and RV on white board LIVE for the camera. For the Farsight project I worked approx nine paper rv sessions split between two targets and eventually nine short RV sessions LIVE on camera. Courtney brown also had two others from his Farsight stable also work the target. All the data seems to be consistent across all the Remote viewing sessions. All seems to describe man made type structures, objects, life, vehicles and other things all on or above the surface of the moon.

Categories: Conspiracy, Remote Viewing

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