What is Thought?

At one night after I had having conversation with my Facebook friend RP about a consciousness, thought and Everything IS, I couldn’t get a sleep. So, I decided to use my relaxed and tired condition for talking to my Deeper Self. I fell into a state of theta and started conscious conversation with my DS.

That’s what my conscious decoded from my DS.

I asked him: “What is Thought?”. “An information”, responded my DS. I continued: “What is an information?” “Vibrating intelligent particles/bits and bytes on certain frequency (sometimes referred as an energy)”, explained my DS. I asked: “What are the vibrating intelligent particles on certain frequency?” My DS responded: “A Waving Stream” Then I asked: “What is The Stream” “All previously mentioned in together/combined”, answered my DS. I asked then: “Where does the Stream originate from?” “From The Deep Darkness.” My DS showed me a deep-deep, still darkness outside of The Creation(s). I perceived that my DS was referring to The Godliness Himself. This name is mentioned in Gerald O’Donnell’s book: “Remote Influencing Secrets Revealed“.” I’m recommending to read that…

The similar concept of The Thought explains Phyllis M. H. Atwater on her fascinating book “Future Memory“. I’ll repeatedly cite from that book in my blog, because the cases and concepts described in this stunning book fully resonates to my own experiences and understandings.

Atwater calls “that waving stream” as The Thought That Stirred… Some sources call that stream as The Breath, Breath of God, Holy Spirit etc. I personally have seen It as a colourful wave in vast darkness. And that wave consists all creations. I’ll write about it in some my next posts.

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