What is The Evil Force behind all this madness?

What is the Evil Force behind this Madness?

„I think I know, what are those bastards (reptilians, archons, AI, or whoever is behind this madness) are up to. To digitalize all life on the Earth, in Solar System, including The Sun, perhaps even all our perceivable Creation and make it to machine world/reality controlled by AI, or whoever freak is behind all this s*it.

It’s some Force, like machine’ force. It’s like a wave. And now is the time when we can feel/perceive the battle between right/basic/inniate Force and the Machine one. And we will wake up and know all The Truth of Everything. Depends, who will wake up and who won’t. Who goes back to The Home and who to The Machine, which will be deleted at all of Everything.

This Force is inflitrated in this Realm with every perceivable and non-perceivable way. And This Force was created when was activated A Thought of “Metal”/”Technology” which slows down our ability to process The Mind/The Thought.

Everything else what is going on Here is a BS and affected by this Tech Force. All other is a Distraction to not to find Exit to The Home.

This Force is also A Mind. “Metal”/Technological Mind from A Thought of “Metal”/”Technology”.

The Technological Mind will be Closed As A Thought and will be Never Existing Again.“

The Old One

P.S. I’m recommending to listen the podcast: SUBCON; Your Subconscious Mind is a Program Designed by the Archons, Enki’s Return, Robert Stanley

Technology – Rewiring The Human Race – David Icke

I’m also recommending you to watch an 3rd episode of 2009th season of “Big Bang Theory”, when Sheldon (assumably representing Machine) is starting to conversation with Leonard (as Human?) when Penny has left their room. Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guroa…

Additionally, I’m recommending to watch a video: “The Hidden Story Behind The Matrix”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLX6y…


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