The Mind Can Only Be Confused | Sadhguru

The human mind is constantly receiving information, Sadhguru says, to such a large extent that it can only be confused! ****************************************


Sadhguru: When it comes to these aspects of life, terminology is not a question of semantics. When you say “I am a confused soul,” a soul cannot be confused. You are a confused mind. Why is it so important to correct this? Because if you do not understand the distinction between one thing and the other – suppose you go to a doctor because you have a cardiac problem and you say “Doctor, my liver is giving me trouble,” he will attend to something else, you know. (Laughs) Isn’t it? So it’s very important. It is not a question of semantics, it is just… not just a question of splitting hair, it’s just like this – you have a heart problem but you go to a liver doctor. This is not going to be a solution, this is going to be more problems because anyway once you go to him, he has to conduct a surgery (Laughs), upon your liver whether you have liver problem or not. (Laughs) That’s part of the business, okay? So, it’s very important. Your soul cannot be confused and first of all do not talk about a soul because it’s not come into your experience. And if you talk about something which is not yet in your experience, to put it very bluntly, it amounts to lying. So, this is the first thing you must do, you must stop lying. Do not talk about anything which is not yet a reality for you. It may be said in the Gita, it may be written in the Vedas, everybody may be talking about it, it doesn’t matter. It’s not true for you, you do not talk about it. You do not talk about soul, you do not talk about heaven, you do not talk about God because it is not yet a reality for you. If you do not talk about these things, a certain longing will appear within you, which will lead you there. If you talk about it, you will satisfy yourself with gossip, the real thing will never happen to you. You will be fulfilled with gossip. Gossip is a very fulfilling thing, you know. Yes. (Laughs) Yes, lot of people avoid reality just by gossiping. Whole lot of people avoid reality just by watching a cinema. Cinema is somebody’s gossip, isn’t it? Somebody’s story. I am not against it but I am saying if you are using it to enhance your life, it’s okay. If you are using it to avoid your life, it’s a serious problem, isn’t it? And a lot of people are using it to avoid life. You know you don’t have to do anything in your life. You go, just sit in a darkroom, buy a bucket of popcorn (Laughter), somebody will love, somebody will fight, somebody will live, somebody will do everything, you just have to eat popcorn and it happens. You can cry, you can laugh and you can come out and it’s done and they tell you when it’s ended. (Laughs) These days they don’t… they don’t put “The End” anymore. (Laughter) You are supposed to figure it’s over. There was a time when they would say “The End,” so it… just in case you are not getting it (Laughter), you may sit for the next show. Read Full Transcript:…

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