Third Eye Spies: One Easy Way To Improve Your Psi Ability!

Here is the latest episode of our ongoing weekly series “Third Eye Spies: Declassified” done in conjunction with the new feature film documentary “Third Eye Spies” directed by Lance Mungia and produced by Mungia and Russell Targ.

In this episode, Russell Targ invents a machine to improve your psychic powers, tests it on Warner Van Braun and a bunch of NASA Astronauts, gives a classified briefing, and the game he built to teach you to predict the future becomes available to you now! Please support our film by SUBSCRIBING, SHARING, and witness the whole feature film story from the psychic spies that spearheaded the TOP SECRET CIA psychic spy program. ORDER THE FULL FEATURE ON ITUNES, VIMEO, GOOGLE PLAY, and AMAZON TODAY:…

RECEIVE weekly THIRD EYE SPIES webisodes and exclusive bonus material at: This video was sponsored by The Orchard. Cello concertos by Music From the Fringe additional electronic musical compositions by Lance Mungia

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