The Simulation Theory – Hacking Reality (Must See)

This video was produced by Quantum Gravity Research. Hacking Reality is the follow up film to ‘We Are Living In A Simulation – New Evidence’ This is the new groundbraking film from Quantum Gravity Research. Is there an 8-dimensional “engine” behind our universe?

Join Marion Kerr on a fun, visually exciting journey as she explores a mysterious, highly complex structure known simply as ‘E8’–a weird, 8-dimensional mathematical object that for some, strange reason, appears to encode all of the particles and forces of our 3-dimensional universe. ENJOY THE MOVIE! And SHARE IT!

Main film credits: Host: Marion Kerr Written, Directed and Edited by David Jakubovic Director of Photography: Natt McFee Lead animator: Sarah Winters Original Music by Daniel Jakubovic Rerecording mixer: Patrick Giraudi Line Producer: Piper Norwood Executive producer: Klee Irwin Producers: David Jakubovic, Stephanie Nadanarajah Also starring Daniel Jakubovic as Agent Smooth QGR’S WEBSITE: QGR’S BLOG:… QGR’S PUBLICATIONS:… QGR’S FACEBOOK:… QGR’S TWITTER: KLEE IRWIN: WE HAVE FULL RIGHTS & WRITTEN CONSENT FROM THE CONTENT OWNER TO UPLOAD THIS VIDEO FOR PROMOTIONAL/EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES.

Please support us on Patreon –… OUR RELATED VIDEOS… Hacking Reality Q&A With The Director The Simulation Theory: What Is The Reality Code? With Klee Irwin We Are Living In A Simulation – New Evidence! Quantum Gravity: A New Theory Of Everything The Code That Animates Reality – Not For Beginners! The Simulation Theory: Nature’s Code – With Klee Irwin The Simulation Theory: A Message From The Creators

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