2 Powerful Ways To Access Your Intuition | Awareness & Decision Making

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In this video Brett Stuart, founder of Technical Intuition and author of remote viewing the complete guide discusses 2 powerful ways to recognize your intuition is speaking and practically apply them in your everyday life. These techniques help you to develop your intuition and listen to your gut feelings in real time throughout the day. Listening and trusting your intuition is an effective way to gain a great understand of your environment through the ambiance exercise, and focusing on your heart center for decision making will begin to strengthen your trust in your subconscious mind power and your ability to listen to your gut feelings.

Access your subconscious mind, sometimes called the higher self or unconscious mind with these 2 techniques, and apply intuition in your life in practical ways. This video shows you exactly how to use intuition to make decisions and become more aware of the world around you. *Affiliate links help to support this channel. Please consider using them if you’re interested in reading the book! Thanks 🙂

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