Joe McMoneagle (Remote Viewer 001) Lecture at FORTFEST 2015

In response to the possibility that Russia was developing a psychic spying program, the CIA spearheaded the start of a program at Stanford that would eventually blossom into what is today known as Remote Viewing, or RV. Though RV is mostly used by the military and the intelligence community worldwide, its use for scientific, historical, and even anthropological purposes, is growing.

First, the fact that we humans can take our consciousness out anywhere in time and space to gather information has massive implications. Not only does it redefine in a huge way our very nature and abilities, it indicates that our conventional views of present, past, and future, are at best only partially correct. On a deeper level, everything is happening all at once. As for history, imagine being able to go back and watch the dinosaurs, or the life of Buddha or Jesus, or to answer mysteries like who killed JFK? That’s the promise RV holds, and organizations like the Farsight Institute have already appeared which are using RV to answer these questions and many more.

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