UFO Crash in Antarctica: October 2018 Time Cross – Farsight

http://farsight.org The base at this location is run by Germany, something that was not included in the video. The official web site is: https://www.awi.de/en/expedition/stat… It is ostensibly used for ice core drilling during summer months, and we are sure that happens there. Our research also suggests that there is something under the ice at that location that our remote viewers picked up, about half a kilometer from the main station. The ice is very deep there, and it is unclear how much the station is involved with the object. The possibility exists that the base may not be involved with the object, but that they may be coincidentally close. What is clear is that there is a high-tech anomalous object at that location, and there is a base at that location. What is so interesting in this report is that all the remote viewers described the base so well with strong levels of corroboration, and then they all described something anomalous under the base.

Table of Contents (Time in minutes:seconds during video): 1. Introduction – 0:00 2. Antarctica UFO Crash Intro – 0:20 3. Farsight Investments and Expansion Plans, plus Cryptocurrency Update – 1:01 4. Ripple (XRP) – 5:54 4. UFO Crash in Antarctica – 8:20 5. PrinCess Session for UFO Crash in Antarctica – 9:27 6. Aziz Brown Session for UFO Crash in Antarctica – 18:48 7. Melena Hall Session for UFO Crash in Antarctica – 25:32 8. Rock Arkie Session for UFO Crash in Antarctica – 37:59 8. UFO Crash in Antarctica Summary Comments – 47:07 9: Final recap – 48:57 GOOGLE EARTH COORDINATES FOR UFO: 75 0’46.98 S, 0 4’52.71 E

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