Remote Viewing Documentary You Need To See! Third Eye Spies

The remote viewing documentary you need to see right now! ⚡️ Third Eye Spies is now available, go watch it now here* 👉 It’s absolutely amazing and worth the watch! Trailer footage courtesy of Lance Mungia, director of the film.

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In this video Brett Stuart discusses the remote viewing documentary that you need to see in 2019! Directed and produced by Lance Mungia, the documentary Third Eye Spies is a fantastic account of the early remote viewing top secret program. This remote viewing documentary 2019 review about the remote viewing CIA remote viewing program, Brett discusses why he believes the film is significant and is worth watching. The remote viewing film covers much of the remote viewing CIA declassified history from the top-secret program and much of the remote viewing history with interviews of many of the original scientists that worked on the project. This is the best CIA documentary that you’ll watch this year in 2019. It’s well worth watching the full documentary of Third Eye Spies, and Brett Stuart explains why he believes this is one of the best new documentary’s in this Third Eye Spies review. *amazon affiliate links links help support the channel, thanks!

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