The Hologram Makers by Wes Penre

Support Ankaraman with $1 here: Support Wes Penre: Support Ankaraman:… Although there are benevolent star races in the KHAA, who are concerned about our behavior and want to stop us before it’s too late, there are also less benevolent ones who are sharing the same kind of thoughts. We’re talking here about the star races who are on Lucifer’s side in this “Cosmic Play.” Many of these star races are getting very concerned that we will escape the trap en masse. If we do, they think that we will come after them, and they know that with extended perceptions, we are much superior to them in the sense that our Fire is burning higher, faster, and more furious. However, once we humans are free from the trap, we will not become like them, and this is what they don’t understand.………

Categories: Conspiracy, Mind, Consciousness & Universe

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