John Vivanco – As You Wish Radio BBS Talk Radio Saturday 3-22-19

This Week: REMOTE VIEWING ET INTERVENTION – How Advanced Civilizations Live With Special Guest: John Vivanco _______________________________________________ Special Thanks to The Easy CG channel for special effects Footage. Visit: As You Wish Talk Radio On The BBS Radio Network Check Out All Of the Best Selling Books By James Gilliland: ECETI – COME SEE FOR YOUR SELF! ECETI Australia – Peter Maxwell Slattery JCETI Japan – GREG SULLIVAN – http://www.JCETI.ORG/ Don’t Forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to Our Channel. ECETI MEDIA: Peter Maxwell Slattery / Robert Bergquist / Adam Wallberg AYWTR Producer: Robert Bergquist.

Categories: Mind, Consciousness & Universe, Remote Viewing

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