Clear All Subconscious Limiting Beliefs/Negativity/Blockages- Energetic

Did you know that If you were to free yourself of all your subconscious limiting beliefs/negativity/blocks in your life, you would be able to do ANYTHING you possibly wanted? If you believe that you can accomplish anything and that anything is possible, you open your self to limitless possibilities and allow life to bring you the things you want. But as we grow older, we start believing that we can’t do certain things or that some things aren’t possible. Our subconscious minds reinforce these beliefs and ensure that we can’t do what we would like to do or that some things are just not possible for us. Examples of subconscious limiting beliefs/blocks: I’m not good looking enough to go up to women, I can’t travel the world, I can’t dance, I can’t swim, I’m too weird to talk to people, I can never pass math class, ext…. Now imagine a life where those I can’ts don’t exist and you believe that you can accomplish anything. A whole new world will open up for you. You will feel free!

The combination of Frequency and energetic programming will work together to help dissolve a large number of subconscious blocks/limiting beliefs. This will have profound effects on your mental state and your daily interactions with the world. You will feel more free than you ever have in your life.

*This audio also removes limiting beliefs such as “sapienmed audios might not be working” “this can’t work. its only sound” “its not working, I don’t feel anything” and other limiting beliefs that actually block out the effectiveness of the fields. By listening to this, you ensure that other audio fields work powerfully for you. You can purchase this audio here ( )

Note: This video creates permanent changes by listening on a daily basis. It does not work when downloaded. You can listen with and without headphones. You can do other things while listening. For more in depth information, I suggest reading the FAQS page.…

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