What is simulated reality ? “Very well explained video”

First Published on Feb 19, 2016 Collected From Channel : LEMMiNO https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRcg… __________________________________________

Simulated reality is the hypothesis that reality could be simulated—for example by computer simulation—to a degree indistinguishable from “true” reality. It could contain conscious minds which may or may not be fully aware that they are living inside a simulation. This is quite different from the current, technologically achievable concept of virtual reality. Virtual reality is easily distinguished from the experience of actuality; participants are never in doubt about the nature of what they experience. Simulated reality, by contrast, would be hard or impossible to separate from “true” reality. There has been much debate over this topic, ranging from philosophical discourse to practical applications in computing. Subscribe our Channel for informative & weekly new interesting knowledgeable videos.

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