Part 1 Introduction to Remote Viewing

LEARN REMOTE VIEWING with Prudence Calabrese REMOTE VIEWING TRAINING SESSIONS: DISCOVERING YOUR INTUITION, with Prudence Calabrese and TransDimensional Systems. Part 1: Introduction to Remote Viewing Part 2: The Remote Viewing Process Part 3: Live Demonstration / Homework Review Part 4: Introduction to the Matrix Part 5: Student Sessions Part 6: Matrix Procedures Part 7: Remote Healing and Diagnosis

Prudence Calabrese was the Director of TransDimensional Systems, which provides information solutions to government, corporations and individuals using an array of services including remote viewing, knosomatics, intuitive counseling, technology transfer, consciousness mapping, physical profiling and other techniques. Prudence has been teaching people to remote view since 1996. She takes the scientific approach to the study of remote viewing and has developed methods and techniques that go far beyond the restrictive, protocol-based traditional remote viewing first developed over a generation ago at Stanford Research Institute.

This seven-part, 13 hour, video program includes training in Basic Remote Viewing and Knosomatics, the Collector, Use of the Matrix and Advanced Post-Matrix Exercises. Included as a bonus is a discussion and explanation of techniques in Remote Healing and use of Remote Viewing for everyday purposes and career choices. Also covered is a live remote viewing and Knosomatics demonstration by Prudence and her team of professional remote viewers as presented for the London Sunday Times and HBO.

This series takes the new Remote Viewer all the way through the Basic Training required to successfully remote view. Actual in-class results are shared, sessions are examined and the entire process is revealed. Join Prudence Calabrese and her staff as she leads another class into the unknown world and the Larger Universe. It’s all here for you to watch, enjoy and learn.

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